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When George Allen Grant commenced the project, the goal was straightforward: “To collate and present a family history of the line descending from John Grant and Mary Sabean to myself.” Staying within this framework would have yielded a shorter and less captivating book. As it unfolded, numerous fascinating aspects emerged. Readers will encounter the hard-working and courageous descendants of John and Mary, witnessing their journeys of love and marriage, their commitment to multi-generational homes, and their mobility from modest, isolated, subsistence living to equally modest lifestyles in small towns and suburbs.

• Readers will traverse southwestern Nova Scotia and New England with them.
• They will ponder their expressions of faith and sense internal conflicts, seen in religious choices reflected in obituaries, burial sites, or census responses.
• Readers will share their sorrow at the loss of loved ones from disease, accidents, childbirth, tragedies at sea, suicide, and war.
• They will learn about occupations, trades, and professions from farming to forestry, medicine to education, and from carpentry to factory work.
• Readers will follow the faith lives of the Grants and their kin as they commit to a single religion, or perhaps change denominations as a result of marriage, and volunteer in their churches, with the YWCA in China, and the Red Cross in Vladivostok.

Ultimately, readers will comprehend why the author’s passion lies in being the voice of direct ancestors and extended family, capturing their stories within a defined time and place, recording activities and becoming the storyteller they could not be.